Message from the Treasurer

Based on proposals raised, discussed and supported by attendees at the 2013 AGM, Association subscriptions were raised to a recommended level of £20. They had been at the previous level of £10 for many years and reasons for the increase are set out below. So far, only a handful of Kitchener Scholars have increased their subscriptions to the new level.

We would therefore be most grateful, assuming you have not done so already, if you would please amend your standing orders for 1 October to the sum of £20. Current undergraduate scholars should continue to pay £1 per year whilst still at University. If you have now graduated, please increase your subscription to the new recommended £20. If you use internet banking, please set up your standing order to be paid on 1 October 2015 and thereafter annually for £20 to:

The Kitchener Scholars Association

Sort Code: 60 03 25

Account Number: 03808742


If you do not use internet banking, please click on this link to download a standing order form, then print and complete the form and send it to me: Mr J Ryder, Treasurer KSA, 177 Bowerdean Road, High Wycombe, HP13 6XP

If you do not feel that you are currently able to afford the increase in subscription, please continue to pay the former level of £10.

If you currently pay your subscription on a day other than 1 October, we would also be grateful if you would amend your standing order accordingly to bring it in line with that date.

The decision to increase subscriptions was not just based on the fact that they had been set at £10 for so long and were therefore being eroded by inflation. We have asked for the increased subscription in order that we can continue to best promote fellowship amongst all Kitchener Scholars in the following ways:


The Website

We have a fantastic new professionally designed website, with the aim of keeping all scholars fully up-to-date with forthcoming events, promoting the Association and the Fund and helping ‘lost’ scholars make contact with the Association. For this, we have to meet website hosting and maintenance costs. For scholars who may not use the internet and for those who have not yet elected to receive their newsletter by email, we also have to meet the costs of printing and posting the newsletter.


New Scholars and the Annual Dinner

In order to build a strong link with new scholars, we wish to continue to strongly-subsidise their attendance at their first Annual Dinner and for them to be personally presented with their certificates of Scholarship. We also wish to encourage continued attendance by scholars after leaving university by subsidising those under 30 years of age.


Regional Events

We also wish to build greater fellowship between non-London based scholars and are aiming to subsidise events taking place in different places around the country – the first of these will be in Bristol in November. Do please contact us if you would like the committee’s support in organising an event in your area.



As the 100th Anniversary of the Death of the First Lord Kitchener approaches in 2016, we plan a number of high-profile events to commemorate this important occasion, the organisation of which is likely to incur some significant additional costs.


If you have any questions regarding subscriptions, or any suggestions especially regarding regional events, please do not hesitate to contact me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Many thanks, 

John Ryder

Kitchener Scholars Association