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Kitchener Scholars’ Association Goals

Motto: ‘Thorough’

The Kitchener Scholars’ Association (KSA) has the following objects:

– To act as a networking forum for all generations of Kitchener Scholars.

– To hold meetings for the study and discussion of vocational, educational and cultural subjects.

– To promote mutual assistance, common interests and good fellowship in the Association.

– To perpetuate the memory of the First Earl Kitchener of Khartoum by all appropriate means.

– To hold a Memorial Service in St. Paul’s Cathedral annually on or near the 5th of June, the anniversary of the death of the First Earl Kitchener of Khartoum in 1916.

Membership is open to all Kitchener Scholars, defined as those who have received a higher education scholarship award from the Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund at any stage in their life. The KSA was formed in 1921 by those first to receive such a Scholarship. The KSA provides an ‘alumni’ community, and a way for Kitchener Scholars to network together, benefit from their mutual experiences and maintain contact, whilst perpetuating the memory of the first Lord Kitchener.

All recipients of a Kitchener Scholarship are automatically enrolled as members of the KSA upon receipt of a Scholarship award: their first three annual subscriptions (or longer for first-degree courses of greater duration) are reimbursed by the LKNMF. New Kitchener Scholars also receive one free entry ticket to the Annual Dinner, where they are due to receive their Scholarship Certificate from the KSA President.

Kitchener’s famous recruitment drive poster.

Contact with Scholars is also maintained through an annual Newsletter and through the KSA website. These methods of contact act as a way of distributing Scholars’ news and ideas and as a communication channel for Scholars who often live in isolation from other KSA members. The KSA also promotes opportunities for Scholars to meet locally both informally and through regional events from time to time for the purposes of convivial discussion and mutual guidance.

The secretariat maintains contact details for over 800 Kitchener Scholars and some 650 are subscribed to our occasional emails and newsletters. Please note that the Association is keen to maintain up-to-date contact details and email addresses. Please email the Secretary with your latest contact details. We also now have groups on LinkedIn, the professional networking site, as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so do please find and join these as well.  We are scrupulous in only allowing bonafide Kitchener Scholars to join the LinkedIn Group.

Membership of the KSA costs a modest £20 p.a. – if you are a Kitchener Scholar of any vintage but have not yet joined the Association or are a lapsed member, please get in touch with the Secretary using the link on this page and you will be sent all the relevant details.

Owing to data protection rules, the KSA is not able to provide general contact details for Kitchener Scholars. However, in the context of specific events and networking opportunities, it is perfectly acceptable for members to request from the Secretary an introduction to specific Scholars, who are generally open to such dialogues at their discretion. Alternatively find and communicate with them via our LinkedIn Group HERE, which now numbers over 100 Scholars.