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The Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund (LKNMF)


The LKNMF was established as a permanent living memorial to Field Marshal Lord Kitchener of Khartoum, Secretary of State for War, whose tragic death in 1916 cut short a momentous career and stirred the nation to collective grief amongst the military and civilians alike.

The LKNMF was established on the 14 June 1916 in response to an Appeal by the Lord Mayor of London to establish a national memorial to the late Field Marshal Lord Kitchener of Khartoum. The Charter of Incorporation of the Fund received Royal Assent in 1919 with HM Queen Alexandra as its first President. Initially set up for ‘the relief of disabled officers and men’ of the First World War other rounds of donations allowed for the establishment of a permanent memorial in All Souls Chapel, St Paul’s Cathedral, as well as the foundation of a medical school at the university Kitchener had earlier established in Khartoum as a memorial to General Gordon.

Also established was a scheme to offer Kitchener University Scholarships to former members of the three Services of a suitable age who were undertaking a course of study leading to a first degree at a university in the United Kingdom. The first of these scholarships was awarded in 1917 and were extended shortly afterwards to the sons – and later daughters – of parents who were serving or who had served in the Armed Forces. Since the grant of the first scholarship over 5,500 have been awarded.

The LKNMF is overseen by its Council and run by the Charity’s Trustees on its Executive, Finance and Scholarship Committees, all of which have Kitchener Scholars serving on them.

The Fund has recently been able to award up to 30 scholarships annually to undergraduates, with each award now valued at £2,000.

In 1980 Kitchener European Scholarships (KES) were inaugurated, aimed at those studying for a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) in Fontainebleau. However, in 2005 this Scholarship was suspended.  Thanks to recent additional funding from commercial third parties with defence interests, the Fund has been able to introduce a post-graduate scholarship ranging from £2,500 to £5,000 for successful applicants.

It is the aim of the LKNMF, its Trustees and Council to review closely the number and the value of Kitchener Scholarships in future years, and to develop further the post-graduate award scheme.

In addition to the investment performance of the LKNMF and funding from commercial third parties, resources have also been raised through the generosity of former Kitchener Scholars wishing to support the interests of those who will follow them. If you would like to help with a donation or would appreciate some more information on legacy giving, then please contact the Secretary of the LKNMF:

Memorial to Lord Kitchener – All Souls Chapel, St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Unveiling of the Kitchener Memorial on Horse Guards Parade by Edward, Prince of Wales – 1926